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FrontierNav Update (2017-03-19)

User Profiles

I've added user profiles. They existed before but were rudimentary, now they're a bit more fleshed out. Here's mine (link).

My user profile.

There are two types of profiles: Community Profiles gives an overview of the user across the website, and Game Profiles gives an overview of the user for a specific game.

With game profiles, you can also mark the status of a game (playing, completed, etc.) and keep track of your progress as you mark pages such as locations and missions as complete.

I actually released this feature almost month ago but forget to mention it since Breath of the Wild came out!

FrontierNav Update (2017-02-07)

App Notifications for Game Events

You can now see game events in FrontierNav. Currently the only ones implemented are the Global Nemesis events which are retrieved from Miiverse.

App notifications.

The biggest feature here is that you can subscribe to these events to get notifications on your phone, tablet or computer. So you don't need to keep looking, the app will tell you when something's changed!

Other Changes

  • Revamped the Settings page into multiple pages for each section: Profile, Preferences and Subscriptions.

FrontierNav Update (2016-12-25)

Redesigned Game Pages

Game pages have been redesigned and now have search. The plan here is to better support the new multi-game, multi-guide user flows.

Game Page

Users aren't just restricted to one game and one guide now (i.e. Xenoblade X and Maps). In the near future, I could add a completely different interactive guide like an interactive Pokemon Sun/Moon Type Chart.

The possibilities are endless! Though, restricted by my free time >_>

FrontierNav Update (2016-11-06)

Enemies and Materials

  • Added Normal Enemies to the Xenoblade X map.
    • Details include stats, drops and categories
    • Data was scraped off this existing guide. Some of it isn't accurate (like enemy names) so eventually I'll need to go through and fix it manually.
  • Added icons for enemies indicating the category they belong to with colour coding for tyrants.
  • Added Materials
    • Just the names for now so you can find which enemies drop them.


FrontierNav Update (2016-03-28)

Precious Resources

Doing all these links, searches and everything is pretty straight forward now.

  • Added Precious Resource pages and search
    • Barebones data only added from Primordia, rest of the regions and more detail to come later.
  • Added links to and from Precious Resources and the Data Probes they can be mined from.


Data, data, data.

It's still a pain getting all the data in. The only solution is to add community contributions. But that's even more of a pain! Logins, roles, database, sanitising, server provisioning and maintenance... Maybe later.

FrontierNav Update (2016-03-23)

Mobile & WiiU improvements

Mainly focused on fixing various UX and technical issues on mobile and WiiU browsers as there's substantial traffic coming from those devices. WiiU performance isn't great but it can't be helped, it is useable now at the least.

I didn't spend much time on these changes so the UX can be a bit clunky, the main aim was just getting feature parity with the desktop/larger view.

  • Fixed navigation controls squashing up on small width devices.
  • Allow toggling sidebar without having to navigate away from the current selection.
  • Attached sidebar controls to the top so you don't need to keep scrolling up to access controls
  • Reorganised navigation controls in order of what is most used.
  • WiiU improvements
    • Fixed Collectible Areas view freezing the map.
    • Fixed CSS background gradients not working by using fallback colors.

Preview Preview

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FrontierNav Update (2016-03-22)

All locations added! Milestone reached.

I've imported all the locations from these images now with some useful information.


  • All camps, caves, scenic viewpoints, landmarks, areas, unexplored territories and islands added.
    • If there's any I've missed, let me know.
  • Linked cave locations with their collectibles page.
  • Slightly optimised location search.
  • Colour-coded native map markers so it's more obvious what they are.
    • They're still white but have a coloured outline so that the original look-and-feel is kept.
  • Comments section added just because...

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FrontierNav Update (2016-03-20)

Better Location Markers and Categorisation

Finally decided on how I'm going to show all those locations on the map. There's just so many and so little space.


  • Locations are now categorised (Scenic Viewpoint, Areas, Landmarks, Unexplored Territories).
  • Added fancy labelled location markers based on FrontierNav markers as seen in in-game-cutscene.
  • Properly named previously generic cave locations.
  • Made it easier on the backend to add more locations.
    • This isn't visible in the frontend but it means I can add all those other locations with a lot less hassle. It's also a step towards user-generated content which is the end-goal for this project.

These changes may impact performance because of the number of markers that are now on the screen at any one time. Eventually, I'll add filters so the user can control the types of locations that are visible but for now it's not that bad. It will be a lot more sluggish once I'm done migrating all the data from the previously linked guide.